Liverpool Football

The Evolution Of The Sport Of UK Football

Football in the UK is the most popular sport. It is a game that began a couple of centuries ago and it is still going stronger than ever. The first nation to actually create football leagues and have a proper system of playing was England. That is why the English Football Association is simply known in the world as “The FA”. There are so many other Football Associations, but they get the name as they were the first. England is the spiritual home of the game and Wembley stadium is the stadium that symbolizes all that football means to the UK.

Recently the UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester United and Barcelona was played at Wembley Stadium. The English team did not win, however the atmosphere in the stadium from both the fans was fantastic. There was a real buzz about the place and people could see that football had come home. The biggest club competition in the world deserves to be played in one of the greatest stadiums in the world. In fact, the final was such a rousing success that they are going to host it again in 2013, which is something unheard of in Champions League recent history.

The English game has also been the first to fight racism in a way that no one else has. Their “Say No To Racism” campaign has managed to root out monkey chants completely from games. Countries like Spain and Italy that pride themselves on their great leagues and stadiums still cannot completely solve their racism problem. Even English hooliganism is on the wane and their fans have generally been well behaved wherever they have gone. The only problem for the UK is that England has only won the 1 World Cup and they are hoping that a new influx of talent can help them do better in 2014.