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October 18, 2011

Best Looking Soccer Players IN THE WORLD

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If you’ve ever watched an international soccer match on Direct tv you may have noticed that some of the players are, well, smoking! Soccer breeds some of the best looking athletes on the planet and we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites:
Tim Howard – He’s the goalie for the US’s developing soccer team and he’s got a unique mix of down-home charm and ethnic good looks. Howard’s soft spoken to boot which makes him all the more attractive in a field of flashy athletes.
Francesco Totti – He’s a forward for Rome but all people really care about are his chiseled abs and deep green eyes. He wears his hair long and he’s the epitome of Italian charm so look out, Christiano Ronaldo.
Michael Ballack – He plays for Germany and he’s got the rugged good looks of an outdoorsman. Coming from a country known more for pale skin and blonde hair, the dark and good looking Ballack is a welcome surprise.
Who do you think are the most attractive soccer players? Let us know!

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