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July 21, 2011

Most Reasonable Women’s Football Gear To Buy

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Without saying, you will need a uniform, football cleats and shin guards. Wait though there is other gear that is reasonable for a woman to buy. In order to practice at home you will need to get a regulation football.
A football equipment bag is very nice to have. It helps to keep all your stuff together and ready to go. Have you ever gotten hit in the head by a ball that was just kicked and leave the game with a minor concussion? Some headgear to prevent this would be a reasonable buy. The headgear protection will be a lot cheaper than the hospital bill.

In football you can not touch the ball with your hands, unless you are the goalie. If you are the goalie you will need some goalie gloves. The most expensive is not really necessary but you do want to find a pair that has enough padding in the palm to protect your hand and make sure they are a good fit on your hand. How much padding is needed? Well that would depend on the sensitivity of your hands. Luckily, women don’t have as many requirements for equipment as men making the budget a little more flexible.

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